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Blue Creek Conservation Area

Waterville-Neapolis Road at Schadel Road, Whitehouse

Now Open

A portion of the Blue Creek Conservation area is now open for daily use, 7 a.m. until dark.

Visit the new area on the south side of Schadel Road, next to the historic hog barn.

The rustic area has a parking lot and a one-mile loop trail leading to a wetland and a quarry pond. Fishing is permitted in the pond. A temporary restroom is located in the parking lot.

About Blue Creek

One of the newest additions to the Metroparks is steeped in history, dating to the late 1700s when the Ottawa, Chippewa, Wyandot and Potawatomi people lived, hunted and farmed in the area. The property, near Whitehouse, was the site of limestone quarries in the mid- to late-1800s. In 1917, the city of Toledo bought the land to build a prison farm. The Toledo House of Corrections operated from 1918 until early 1991

Located on the edge of the Oak Openings region, Blue Creek has glacial grooves, a pond, a wetland and an oak savanna. A focal point is a 20,873-square-foot barn with a gambrel roof and plank frame built in the late 1920s.

Blue Creek is operated in partnership with the Village of Whitehouse, Nature's Nursery and the Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District. In addition to the small park area, Blue Creek is home to a wildlife rehabilitation center, a youth recreation complex, demonstration farm fields and the Metroparks native seed nursery.

Lucas Soil & Water Conservation District
Lucas Soil & Water Conservation District

Lucas Soil & Water Conservation District manages the agricultural land and conducts educational programs at Blue Creek.

Nature's Nursery
Nature's Nursery

Nature's Nursery, the region's wildilfe rehabilitation center, is located at the Blue Creek Conservation Area.

Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation
Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation

The Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation manages youth recreation programs on part of the Blue Creek Conservation Area.

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